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Neighbor has a 2005 isx turned up and deleted. His engine failed the same way. Carbon build up on fire rings and scored a cylinder. Paccar and isx engines are two that I'd still avoid. @Ranger_375 got a Volvo with the M13 engine or whatever it is the Volvo's got. He's been pretty good with it. The PACCAR Engine. Always durable and dependable, PACCAR engines are an engineering marvel. Machined and assembled in a state-of-the-art plant in Mississippi, PACCAR engines feature innovations designed with your workload in mind. Each PACCAR engine continues to push the boundaries in engine technology, as we roll out innovation after innovation:Paccar says the key to the engine’s durability is the fact that all MX Engines in this series are designed with compacted graphite iron (CGI) heads and blocks, making the company the only OEM in ...