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Jun 22, 2020 · All living organisms can be categorized into 3 domains of life: Eukaryotes; Prokaryotes; Archaea; DOMAINS: “Domains” are the top-level classification which categorizes life in the most general way. For example, it separates the presence of a nucleus. Prokaryotes like archaea and bacteria don’t have one. But eukarya have a nucleus. Mushrooms Molds Yeast Protista Eukaryotic and generally unicellular Some protists are animal-like Protozoa Amoeba Paramecium Euglena Some protists are plant-like Algae Some protists are fungus-like Slime molds Porifera Phylum in the kingdom Animalia Sponges Sessile adult form, but motile larvae Filter feeders Don’t have digestive, nervous, or circulatory systems Cnidaria Phylum in the kingdom Animalia Jellyfish, anemones and corals Some are motile and others are primarily sessile. heterocyst Lab exercise-observe slide Kingdom: Protists Protists are not one distinct group but instead represent all the eukaryotes that are not plants, animals, or fungi. Protists differ from prokaryotes because they are eukaryotes that have a nucleus and contain DNA in chromosomes Protists are divided into three groups based on physical ...