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Fundamentally, unsprung weight in a motor vehicle is the weight that is not supported by the suspension components. A large part of this weight comprises the wheel itself, calipers, hubs, (and diffs and diff housings, in some vehicles). In addition, there are the wheel hubs, discs, brake calipers, brake pads and other attachment components.Technician A says that on most vehicles, the wheel/tire assembly is considered sprung weight. Technician B says that low unsprung weight makes the vehicle handle better on irregular surfaces. May 12, 2015 · Unsprung weight is the tire and wheel, hub, upright, brakes, and about half the weight of the shock and A-Arm or I-Beam. For the rear suspension of a truck, the unsprung weight is the tires and wheels, the entire rearend and half the weight of the shock and trailing arm. Combine the two and you've lost 8.9 lbs of unsprung weight. The CTS-V1 caliper weighs 11.6 lbs (including Ferodo HP1000 pads) whereas the CTS-V2 caliper weighs 13.0 lbs (including ET800 pads). OEM and SKF X-Tracker hubs weigh exactly the same, or at least within the 0.1 lb accuracy of my scale.