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Marine Gun Builder will cover everything you need to get a perfect p80 build for your polymer80 pfc940, polymer80 pf45, polymer80 pf940v2, polymer80 pf940cl, polymer80 glock 21sf, or the p80 pf940sc. Please check the playlist for other Polymer 80 build tutorials. Extended Grip Plug for P80 Compact Frame PF940C Extended length creates larger rear grip area Stops debris from entering or reaching trigger assembly and firing pin Made in the USA using reinforced, chemical resistent polymer material Quick snap fit install Helps guide magazine into mag well. Optional Laser Engraved Logo - 10+ Images Available If you've decided on a P80 Frame Kit, don't forget your parts kits, and other accessories to finish your build. We offer a selection of parts kits, triggers, magazines, optics, and barrels for both Glock and AR platforms by Aero Precision, Holosun, CMC Triggers, Faxon Firearms, and OEM Glock. FACTORY GLOCK 26 Gen 3 OEM LPK Parts Polymer 80 P80 PF940SC Lower G26 G3 Kit 9mm. $144.75 + $4.85 shipping