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Got them! Gravitational waves detected – at last. After a false alarm in 2014, those slippery ripples in space-time have been finally snared. Jun 24, 2020 · Before the two objects merged, their masses differed by a factor of 9, making this the most extreme mass ratio known for a gravitational-wave event. Another recently reported LIGO-Virgo event, called GW190412, occurred between two black holes with a mass ratio of 3:1. Maximum level - 32 sols Extreme Survival is one of the Journey Milestones. 1 Summary 2 How to achieve 3 Additional Information 4 Videos 5 List of milestones In order to achieve any of the Extreme Survival milestones, the player must be on a planet with extreme conditions. Any planet where the weather or security status is displayed in red font counts as an extreme planet. They are also ...