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VISION MODEL VS-22LE406 Шасси (Main Board): TP.S512.PA63 PANEL CN215GN0401. AKAI AKAI 32C1 Шасси (Main Board): MSD3463-T5C1. Пришел с дохлой подсветкой ,БП-LNK6777K REKORD LCD-19 Шасси (Main Board): DS.D3663LA.A81. Yashi sinalgan ishlaydi.Functions: CGDI BMW: Other BMW Key Programmer: Control Unit Coding: Read code: Support F/G series programming : Support: 1 series E81/82/87/88 3 series E89/90/92/93 5 series E60/61/62/63/64 If your rom type is I8A0S you are MSD80, otherwise the rest are all MSD81 . Reactions: Jeffman. Jeffman Captain. Jan 7, 2017 1,449 510 0. Jun 18, 2019 #7 jyamona said: But thats an MSD81 ECU, so have the PartNumber 7616431 from the old ecu and 7626358 for the old one. Use the latest SG-Daten. So maybe i use the wrong files.