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A pipe is created using pipe(2), which creates a new pipe and returns two file descriptors, one referring to the read end of the pipe, the other referring to the Pipes and FIFOs (also known as named pipes) provide a unidirectional interprocess communication channel. A pipe has a read end and a write end.Aug 14, 2016 · Washington would become the poor man's main pipeline to help. To Social Security and welfare were added a variety of social programs. And, by the beginning of this decade, 10 million people ... The King (王, Ō) is the 268th chapter of the Hunter × Hunter manga, written and illustrated by Yoshihiro Togashi. Zeno, Netero, and Pitou all look upon the scene in disbelief. The King's face is still blackened out, but changes slightly once he looks away, while the others still remain frozen. As the King gently sets Komugi down, Zeno and Netero have a standstill because of the creature's ...